Welcome to Oasis Foster and Orphan Care Initiatives at Oasis Church. In Manatee/Sarasota Counties, there is a significant need for families to step up and support kids currently in need of families in our community. At Oasis, foster and orphan care is at the heartbeat of who we are. We support families in three primary areas including:


Through our awareness efforts, we work to inform families of the opportunities that exist to get involved with foster care initiatives at Oasis. This is done through special drives, raising awareness on the need, and holding special events where families can participate and learn from foster families in our community. The primary goal is to inform and hopefully encourage families to join the fight to care for the children in their communities.


A big piece of becoming a foster parent is the initial licensing training and then the ongoing continuing education training. At Oasis, we partnered with West Florida for our orientation and licensing courses. For our continuing education opportunities, we partner with a variety of organizations including those serving foster care in our community or organizations providing unique training opportunities to increase our care of the children we’re serving.


As a family entering the world of foster care, there’s a lot to navigate. You’re not only welcoming a child/children into your home but now you’re involved with multiple organizations and people including case workers, guardian ad litem, placement specialist and more. In addition, there may be an expectation to work with the birth parents. All this is done an addition to caring for this new kid/s in your house. At Oasis, we’re here for you. In addition to our volunteer team calling you each month to connecting, praying, and finding out what your needs are, we have a host of other support services including a food pantry, parent’s night out events, and more.

If you’re interested in getting more involved with Oasis Foster Care, please reach out to Chris (chris@oasisfoster.org) or Bethany (bethany@oasisfoster.org) for more information.


About Oasis Church


Sunday mornings are a great time to come and see what we are about here at Oasis. We aim to create an inviting and engaging experience where anyone can find a safe place to be LOVED, GROW, and SERVE. Our goal is to help everyone who comes to Oasis know God, find freedom, discover their purpose and make a difference.  If it’s your first time joining us, we’d love to personally show you around, so please let us know you are coming in the HOST ME section. We look forward to meeting you!

You can learn more about Oasis Church at www.oasischurch.ag.