As a family entering the world of foster care, there’s a lot to navigate. You’re not only welcoming a child/children into your home but now you’re involved with multiple organizations and people including caseworkers, guardian ad litem, placement specialist and more. In addition, there may be an expectation to work with the birth parents. All this is done in addition to caring for this new kid/s in your house. At Oasis, we’re here for you. In addition to our volunteer team calling you each month to connecting, praying, and finding out what your needs are, we have a host of other support services including a food pantry, parent’s night out events, and more.

Support Priorities:

  • Volunteer team calling our foster families every month to find out how they’re doing, how we can pray for them, and whether they need anything specific we can help them with.
  • Foster Freezer – Providing foster families with access to our freezer/pantry if they’re in need of food.
  • Foster Care Coaches – Navigating foster care can be challenging. We have a team of coaches that can assist and help you in the process.
  • Parent’s Night Out – Providing families with an opportunity to get out of the house and have some fun without the kids.
  • Annual Drives to support foster families in our community.